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By submitting your items, you agree to these Terms & Conditions

You will make a 70% commission for sales of your printable and it will be a great way to get more exposure for your products through my traffic! You will not need to use an affiliate link this time and any sales will be counted towards the commission.
When you agree to be a contributor, you will be agreeing to these:
* you will be paid out at the end of each month
* you agree to having our PR team use your products for promotion
* you agree to participating in our sales event - which will change the price of your product
* I will need your paypal email (if I don't have it already)
* you can stop anytime
* If you'd like to add more items in the future, you're also welcome to!
Please remember to update your payment information or make sure that it's set up - we're not responsible for lost payment or unpaid earnings due to missing payment information.


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